He was born in Istanbul.  After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Istanbul, he graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, The Department of Turkish Language and Literature.


His Interest in poetry began in high school, went out of enthusiasm in university education and began to get interested seriously in this branch of art according to his branch. “İlk Yaz (First Summer), Erciyes (Erciyes), Sarmaşık (Ivy), Gülpınar (Gulpınar), Simav Anadolu (Simav Anatolia), Maki (Scrub Vegetation), Hisler Bulvarı (Feelings Boulevard),Kümbet (Cupola), Karınca (Ant), Size (To You), Çağrı (The Call), Bizim Külliye (Our Mosque), Berceste (Berceste),Türk Dili (Turkish Language)…’’ etc. are his articles on Poetry and poems have published in several journals.


On behalf of the Ministry of Education; he carried out many poetry recital organization where many teachers attended by poets at Capital Teachers’ Resident and Ministry of Education Council Lounge, he also served as presenter at many ceremony.


Mr Parmaksız was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of ILESAM(Professional Organization of Authors (Owners) of Intellectual and Artistic Works)elections, in 2006 and served as the Vice President of ILESAM until Jabuary 2008. After 11th of ILESAM’s General Council, he was elected President of the Board of Directors of ILESAM and he’s keeping his duty since 30 March 2010. He presented and lectured on the statement of "Our Poetry Esthetics and Poetry Standarts" in many concert and meeting. For his contributions to Turkish literature and poetry, he was rewarded with "Turkish Poetry and Culture Service Award" in Poetry Organizations in Antalya and Simav (Kütahya).


He drew up and presented "Heart Bridge" named poetry-literature and art program on Police Radio in 2006. He has also drown up and presented "Distilled Drops" named poetry-literature and art program on Police Radio at 9 o’clock on each Tuesday evening since October of 2007. He has given "Poetry Writing" course of lectures at Mamak Poetry School since April of 2008 and he has drown up talk show programs on poetry-literature and culture for many municipals. He has "Cahit Sıtkı with Letters" named book review, "Life of Butterfly" named poetry book and "Mogan Poetry Evenings", "Mogan Poetry Evenings (2008)and "Selections from Mother Themed Poems" named three anthologies books. He has Master's Degree with "Elegiac Themed Epics in Minstrel Literature" named thesis at Gazi University Institute of Social Sciences in the field of Folk Literature.


Mehmet Nuri Parmaksız is a member of ILESAM (Professional Organization of Authors (Owners) of Intellectual and Artistic Works), ESKADER (Literary Arts and Cultural Studies Association), Ankara ClupTÜRKSAV (Artists and Writers Foundation of Turkish World) andWriters Union of Turkey.